Lykora’s consulting vertical offers a range of solutions, all designed around the practical needs of businesses in India. Our experts translate their experience into resources and professional consulting services that will help businesses be compliant, solve complications and realise new opportunities.

Talent Consulting

Every organisation aspires to attract, nurture and develop talent to grow and steer it to success. The Talent Consulting Team at Lykora enables organisations to identify and hire right talent in this endeavor. The team has capability in the areas of Leadership Hiring, Contingent Searches, Acceleration Plans, and University Recruiting among others. Additionally, the team can support with behavioral and technical assessments as enablers in the talent identification process. Our deep expertise across the recruitment and selection value chain can be leveraged for Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition strategies.
  • Leadership Hiring
  • Contingent searches
  • Acceleration plan
  • University Recruitment

Business Consulting

India, with its diverse socio-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-economic and political environment, can be a daunting prospect for entrepreneurs looking to set up a business.
Lykora’s expert consultants, along with our localisation and liaising services will guide you through every step of the process, and help you achieve your business objectives in a cost efficient, professional and time-bound manner.
Business Consulting Services
  • Government Relations/Liaising
  • Real Estate Identification
  • Legal & Professional Services
  • Business Entity Setup
  • Localisation & Hospitality Services