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Lykora HR Consulting helps businesses maximise the efficiency of their HR operations.
We offer customised HR related services depending on client requirements.


Every organization aspires to attract, nurture and develop talent to grow and steer it to success. Talent
Consultants at Lykora enable organizations to identify and hire the right talent in this pursuit.
The deep expertise of our Talent Consultants across the recruitment and selection value chain can be
leveraged for Talent Acquisition strategies for our clients.

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Executive Search

Senior-level talent is vital to the growth of any business. Hiring mistakes at the higher levels are not only expensive, but can seriously impact a company’s growth prospects.

At Lykora, we follow the best leadership hiring practices. Starting with an in-depth understanding of client requirements, we then vet potential candidates for relevant experience and culture fit, as well as for the requisite skills and personality traits that are the hallmarks of dynamic leaders.

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Contingent Hiring

We will help you find skilled experts in their fields for a specific project who can work on site or remotely. You will also get to access a growing pool of qualified talent to ensure that your output is never affected. All of this in a quick turnaround time so that there is minimal impact on business.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our RPO solutions will benefit organisations in managing their talent needs as part of expansions or acceleration plans. These range from managing hiring fluctuations throughout the year to streamlining the hiring process and saving time for other duties.

We are adept at navigating the recruiting environment and have the resources to scale recruiting capacity to meet hiring demands.

Our On-site recruitment model allows us to focus exclusively on one client. Our Talent Consultant immerses him or herself within the client team and culture and operates as the client’s internal recruiter. The advantage of outsourcing recruitment is that it enables organisations to focus on core strategic competencies while letting experts like us concentrate on the recruitment process.

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As one of the prominent recruitment consultants in the region, we can partner closely with you to identify promising talent from Colleges and Universities. We will work closely with you to carefully analyse the potential candidate’s background and strengths, before matching him or her to the companies we represent.

Training and Development

Training & Development

As part of the Talent Consulting, Lykora offers a Training and Development Program to suit the needs and requirements of its clients. Lykora has expert trainers who are subject matter experts and have in-depth experience in their field.

Lykora’s approach to offering Training interventions includes

  • A complete understanding of the client, their business, goals and objectives
  • Profile of participants, their strength and developmental areas
  • Customizing training interventions basis identified gaps

Organizations that can benefit from Lykora’s Training & Development vertical

  • Corporates
  • Manufacturing units
  • Academic Institutions
  • Anyone wanting to upskill employees