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About Us

What is Lykora?

In the begining…

Lykora was born in essence in November 2015 as an idea. On January 25, 2016 a company by the name of Studio Imago Creative Services Pvt Ltd was incorporated and the company was officially in existence. The portion of the name Imago was derived from Latin, which in English means – Metamorphosis or to transform.

While initially it was meant to be a creative shop it soon became apparent that there were more business verticals the company needed to look into. With this in mind Studio Imago forayed into the digital and production verticals providing services such as web design and development, social media marketing, printing, and corporate gifts among other things.
As we moved ahead we attracted a rich and diverse range of clientele. From small mom-and-pop stores to large corporate houses, we had made a mark in the local markets. Clients were willing to work with us because of our professional approach and an obsession for quality. It was time for us to take the next steps.

The transformation

Around late 2017, the company had grown from two employees to a team of seven. We realised that we needed to reinvent the way we do business. There was a need to differentiate ourselves further, look at the bigger picture and set greater targets for ourselves. This is when the idea of Lykora was born. We needed to look at the company in a new light.
Gone were the days when we sold services to clients. We realised that our clients were people or companies with real-world problems and we could provide solutions to these problems and help them achieve their goals. This is when we began looking at each project as a consulting engagement. “What is the problem?” and “How do we solve it?” became the all-important questions for every engagement. We knew that unless our clients looked at us as partners in their success, we were not adding value to
their business.

What’s in the name? Everything…

With this realisation we began looking into every aspect of our organisation minutely. What industries do we focus on? What skills are required to achieve our targets? What are the key skills that we need to look at? How do we actually achieve all we have planned? These were some of the key questions. After numerous brainstorming sessions, meetings, and coffees we had finally figured it out, or so we thought. On October 11th, 2018 Studio Imago officially became Lykora Consulting Services Private Limited.

Today, in just 5 years, Lykora is a team of 30. Yet, even as we continue to grow and evolve, what has remained unchanged is our passion and commitment to the business success of each of our clients.

Lykora Team